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In new construction as in renovation activities, the decoration of the house remains an important step. It optimizes the design and the charm of the house. This detail must be carefully studied to give an original touch to the living rooms of the residence.

Contemporary house

Contemporary house,
the essential decorations

The contemporary atmosphere is characterized by bright and airy spaces. It requires special furniture and accessories. The colors used must reflect the design. White is the most valued color on the walls and floors of the contemporary home.

Interior design

The choice of furniture is to be oriented towards ideas adjusted to the modern style.

Outdoor Deco

Turn your outdoor space into a little piece of paradise.

Room by room

Living room and lounge

The room must be convivial to welcome the guests.


The sanitary facilities deserve a well-adapted decoration.

Open kitchen

This type of furnishing is the ally of the modern atmosphere.

Children's room

Spoil your children by creating a comfortable living environment.

Interior ideas that are just sublime!

Some shades are especially popular because of their cheerfulness and softness. To create a friendly atmosphere in your home, take inspiration from these best bedroom decorating ideas. More decoration ideas on

The timeless brocante style

Brocante interiors have been a real success in recent years. This style fascinates so many households. Vintage style enthusiasts love it.

The magnificent art deco style

Elegant and original, art deco is winning over the interiors of individual homes. It shows the beauty of the avant-garde. This atmosphere is chic and accessible.

The tropical or exotic style

The tropical ambience combines colorful prints, natural materials and a dose of greenery to create a charming living space. It promises a summery style.

Building the house of your dreams, an architect's house

The single-storey house
Built on a single level, the single-storey house requires a fairly large floor area.
The wooden house

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this modern style of architecture is both ecological and economical. Visit for tips to prenvent wood ticks.

Simply feel good at home!

Creating a healthy and comfortable living environment is important for a peaceful life. To make a home sublime and convivial requires working on certain points, including the lighting system and interior decoration.

Adapted lighting

Adapted lighting

Install an efficient and economical lighting system.

A designer heater

A designer heater

Heating your home to maintain a warm atmosphere

Soft colors

Soft colors

Attracting the joy of living, these shades optimize serenity and well-being.

Feng shui : the golden rules to adopt it

This Chinese-inspired decorating atmosphere respects precise rules in terms of colors and materials to create a more serene living space. Its objective is to seek plenitude and to promote well-being. The concept retains five elements, including Fire, Wood, Earth, Water and Metal.

Home staging, a home makeover at a lower cost

Home staging is an economical way to give a house a new look without having to undertake major renovation work. The technique aims to modify the appearance of the residence in order to simplify its sale. No demolition of walls or construction of new partitions, just small works and relooking of rooms. The decluttering and depersonalization are the watchwords of the concept. The relooking and the blow of painting on the walls are allowed.