Mural decoration

Beautify your home with beautiful hanging lamps

What would a home be without mood lighting… Imagine walking into a dark house, the big lamp in the kitchen is on, your whole house is in the spotlight. In the cinema, and in most homes, it is often a…

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Decorating the bedroom, opt for upholstered headboards

Upholstered headboards are the current trend in bedroom decor. They are the perfect complement to the box-beds, which are always in fashion. Since this type of bed comes without a headboard, it is another opportunity to give free rein to…

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All about adhesive LED strip

LED strips, or LED strips, have recently entered the lighting industry. They have actually been on the market for a little over a decade. Their success is due not only to their high lighting performance, which makes LEDs increasingly popular,…

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How to fix the pegs to hang a wall shelf?

For wall shelves, curtain rods or lamps to stay at their destination safely, they need sufficient support. This is what the pegs give them. But if the shelf is going to hang on the wall for more than a few…

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Wall Paint: Tips for Choosing the Right Paint

Using wall paint correctly is the way to get the most out of your living space. Which wall paints should be used in which rooms? This question is of concern to anyone who wants to renovate and redesign their living…

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