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Real estate and legal news online

The legal real estate news highlights all the steps and procedures related to the acquisition or sale of a property. On line, you will have the possibility to follow the evolution of the real estate market. Moreover, you can easily…

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How to set the selling price of your property ?

Determining the right price of a property before a transaction is essential, not only to find a buyer quickly, but also to have an idea of the benefits to be gained. If it is possible to fix the value of…

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The main myths related to real estate investment

Investing in real estate seems simple. However, many people face myths that prevent them from making this type of investment. Yet it is the safest type of investment, as it provides a stable income. Find out the main myths about…

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Real estate : is it better to buy in town or in the country ?

Buying a house or an apartment requires a good dose of reflection. Apart from the geographical location of a house for sale, it is important to make sure that it meets your requirements. Whether it is in the city or…

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Buying a property: why use an independent real estate consultant?

Buying real estate is not a matter to be rushed. There are various criteria and steps that must be taken before proceeding. Therefore, it is essential to rely on an experienced independent real estate consultant to make sure. Discover the…

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