Buying a property: why use an independent real estate consultant?

Buying real estate is not a matter to be rushed. There are various criteria and steps that must be taken before proceeding. Therefore, it is essential to rely on an experienced independent real estate consultant to make sure.

Discover the different categories of real estate

There are different categories of real estate available to any individual or professional considering buying a home. Theoretically, a real estate property includes the goods permanently attached to the constructions (such as the building incorporating movable goods, the works including infrastructures urban services or electric pylon or private road or communication tower, etc.), to the land, to the natural resources such as water, minerals, plants... Specifically, you can find: apartments, old or new houses that can be customized, studios, building lots, service residences for rental investment, etc. In fact, the apartment is a rather large dwelling incorporated in the whole of a real estate. The studio is a small apartment with a single multi-purpose room (an office, a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, etc.). However, the bathrooms and toilets are separate. Then, the old or new customizable house refers to a particular family dwelling, as a primary or secondary residence. Indeed, it is possible to customize the layout of the rooms, the floor, the number of rooms, the living area, the type of cladding and others. Also, the building land or bare land is a real estate without house beforehand and can be the object of construction or real estate project. Moreover, the service residences are in general movable residences for tourism or student or senior purposes and many others...

Role of an independent real estate consultant

In the first place, the role of an independent real estate consultant is to find a potential buyer, to negotiate and even to deal with all the essential and complete steps related to the sale of a property. Secondly, he acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Thirdly, it ensures the accompaniment of the customer. To this end, he gives all the necessary advice to conclude the real estate transaction, represents the client in the negotiation, the meeting of the buyers or sellers and among others. Fourthly, he follows the evolution of the real estate market. As such, he must be up to date on the situation, the market trends and other essential data relating to the price per square meter according to the geolocation of the real estate, the selling price, the time needed for the sale... In fifth place, to determine the fair market value of the said property, he proceeds to the expertise of the history of the local or regional market... Finally, he negotiates and promotes the said property. Whether it is a purchase or a sale, his intervention will be done in complete security, in complete confidentiality and in all legality...

Why call upon an independent real estate consultant ?

Buying a house is the dream of every real estate developer. It is a permanent and important asset. Then, the realization of the real estate project can turn into a real nightmare when you have neither the experience nor even the opinion or advice of a real estate agent to ensure well. Then, the role of an independent real estate advisor is to master all the information related to the property, including: the year of construction, location, renovations and surfaces among others. It is also his responsibility to: determine the market value of the property, accompany your real estate project until the signing of the sales contract, assist the parties in the assembly of the required files related to it, estimate the potential real estate buyers, carry out the marketing and promotion of the said property, make the visits of the premises before taking in hand all the useful negotiations, prospect the sector for the research and the identification of the sales project, negotiate with the banks, etc. In short, the approach of a real estate consultant is a major asset to realize or complete your real estate project.

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