Ceramic sink: which models to choose and why?

Ceramic sink is a very important element of bathroom furniture that can improve the aesthetics and functionality of the home environment. On the market there are many models of sinks with different characteristics, to fit each style of furnishing. So which models to choose? Here are some examples that may help you.

Ceramic Pedestal Basin

One of the most popular types of ceramic basins is undoubtedly the column model. This is a bathroom sink with a large, deep tub and is supported by a ceramic base that is attached to the floor. It can be purchased in many different styles: round, oval, rectangular or square. The large ceramic pedestal sink is very versatile and easy to combine with sanitary ware. Its use is particularly suitable for classic bathroom furniture and can be enhanced by wrought iron or wooden framed mirrors. Its main advantages are: - The cost of this product is much lower than modern sinks. This makes it a good choice also for secondary bathrooms and vacation homes ; - It has a retro charm that enhances the traditional style of the rooms and can be customized to your liking ; - Generally, this type of sink is always sold combined with other sanitary ware. Therefore, by buying online, it is possible to get a bathroom furniture always harmonious and elegant. - The large size of this sink makes it very comfortable to use, when performing daily hygienic practices. In addition, it can also collect powerful jets of water without splashing the floor.  The pedestal structure is stable and sturdy and guarantees high performance and durability, even many years after its purchase. In short, the pedestal sink is a functional and practical product, suitable for those who want to renew the bathroom with an emphasis on practicality, rather than design.

The ceramic countertop sink

The ceramic countertop sink is a modern take on the classic bathroom sink. It is a bathtub, more or less large, placed on a perforated surface, like a console and a sink. In addition to the classic ceramic version, it can be purchased in innovative and evocative materials, such as: Corian, marble, wood, glass and many others. The shape of the ceramic sink can be oval, rectangular, round or cylindrical. Thanks to its original and elegant design, it gives a stylish touch to modern bathroom furniture, which makes it unique. It is a compact and small product that can be easily installed even in small bathrooms. Here are some of the benefits offered by the drop-in sink: - It has a refined and sleek aesthetic that makes the bathroom pleasant and original ; - It is sold in many different models and materials, to meet all needs; - It is a space-saving solution for small bathrooms. As it has no base, it is possible to place furniture and drawer units in the space below to store towels; - Allows you to customize your bathroom furniture with complete freedom, without being constrained by the use of standardized lines; - The countertop sink can be combined with many types of sanitary ware, creating harmonious environments ; - The countertop makes this sink stable and sturdy and easy to replace; - The price of the ceramic countertop sink is affordable. The stand model is an interesting choice for all lovers of designer furniture. It can be a good compromise for those who need a compact and practical product, without giving up a neat aesthetic.

Ceramic washbasin with suspension structure

An alternative to the pedestal sink is the ceramic sink with suspension structure. The dimensions of this product are large and comfortable, similar to those of conventional sinks. The main feature of this model is the absence of a base, which gives the impression that the sink is suspended by air. Thanks to special plugs, the product is firmly fixed to the wall, leaving the area below empty. This solution for bathroom furniture is very popular especially for those who have small rooms and need to recover space. With this type of installation, in fact, cleaning the floor is easier and you can recover space to insert furniture and drawers to store towels and personal hygiene products. An alternative is the ceramic washbasin with a semi-column structure, equipped with a small suspended column that covers the pipes, hiding them from view. The advantages of the suspended washbasin are as follows: - This model is easy to install and allows quick maintenance of the pipes; - These sinks are spacious and can be used even with intense water flows, without wetting the floor; - It takes up little space and can also be used in rooms of a few square meters; - It has a sober and versatile design that can be easily combined with most of the sanitary appliances on the market; - Allows easier cleaning of the bathroom, without having to take uncomfortable positions to reach hidden corners; - Under the suspended sink, it is possible to place furniture and objects of all kinds, which allows to expand the surface of the bathroom ; - In general, this type of product has medium high costs, depending on the materials used and the brand purchased ; - It is easily found in the main chains of bathroom furniture stores; - It is available in many different sizes and formats. This model of ceramic sink is focused on the practicality of use and is suitable for young and dynamic environments, where a wise use of space is essential to improve the quality of daily life. All in all, you can choose from these models in case you don't know which one to buy. Just note that there are still white ceramic sinks and black ceramic sinks.

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