Give an original touch to your interior by choosing a solid wood buffet

A charming and original home interior, even if it means impressing visitors, who wouldn't dream of it? For your living spaces to be both unique and aesthetically pleasing, the decoration must be top notch. The furniture must be chosen with care before paying more attention to the arrangement of your various decorative objects. What if you adopt a rather simple but chic style? To do so, wooden furniture is the most recommended. Through these few lines, you will know how to give a touch of originality to your interior by integrating a solid wood buffet.

The sideboard: an essential piece of furniture for everyday life

Whether it's your living room, your bedrooms, your kitchen or your bathroom, the choice of your furniture has a huge impact on your interior design, whether in terms of shape, color, material ... You will know very quickly how, by following your reading to the end. As the sideboard is a piece of furniture to store and display your dishes and silverware, it is therefore one of the elements that are essential to the daily life and dominate your kitchen or dining room. Therefore, it must impose a certain harmony in the room and its design must be consistent with the style and atmosphere you want to establish. For your information, there are two types of sideboards: the ordinary sideboard, which is composed of two superimposed bodies, the top and bottom of which are closed by a double door; and the low sideboard, which has only one body but with two panels separated by a frame in the center. In terms of material, wood is probably the most well known and most suitable for this furniture because of its vintage and rustic feel. However, it is not uncommon to see a wooden sideboard with the top part covered by marble. This allows to combine authenticity and elegance.

Choosing your solid wood

As mentioned earlier, the material of your furniture has a great influence on your decor. If we talk about wood, you should know that this material is a great favorite for home decoration. It is very suitable for nature and antique style lovers. Depending on the design and type of furniture, wood is also suitable for more modern tastes. That said, before you rush to the solid wood, know that there are different species: - Solid pine: very popular on the market, solid pine has the particularity of being very resistant to temperature variations. In terms of maintenance, a wooden sideboard of this species does not need tedious operations or specific products to shine; - Solid oak: this wood species is appreciated for its resistance to humidity. Many people use this type of wood to decorate their bathrooms or living rooms; - Solid rosewood: Rosewood, known for its dark color and which tends towards gold, offers a rather classy style. However, this wood is quite fragile, as it can quickly be damaged by contact with a hot body; - Solid mango wood: a solid mango wood sideboard is to be installed in your home, if you like Scandinavian and modern decoration; In addition, there is also the solid walnut for a classic and contemporary style and the solid cherry, of its reddish brown color, which will establish a friendly and serene atmosphere in your living room or your dining room.

The aesthetic advantages of solid wood

A solid wood sideboard will seduce you and attract the admiration of your guests thanks to all the advantages in terms of aesthetics that it presents. Naturally elegant, it will brighten and enhance your interior space in every way. The simplicity of wood will establish a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room. Over time, your furniture may lose some of its shine, so you can sand or even paint it without damaging it. You can treat the surface and give it a fresh look in any way. Note that solid wood furniture can be adapted to any type of interior design. It is also essential to know that these pieces are the result of a series of industrial machining operations on the wood and have a precise and impeccable finish. This is what makes each work of this material unique.

The advantages in terms of quality

In addition to the aesthetic and visual aspect, you should know that solid wood furniture also has other qualities. One of them is its undeniable robustness. A piece of furniture made of this material does not get damaged so easily. Moreover, it does not fear the temperatures that vary from one season to another. Very resistant to humidity, solid wood can be installed in your kitchen or your bathroom without any problem. In addition, you should know that wood is a healthy material, as it has the particularity of maintaining the stability of the humidity in the air. You will notice that living spaces with a wooden sideboard or other wooden furniture are less invaded by mold, dust mites or bacteria. Solid wood is also able to protect itself from insects and fungi. In terms of comfort, it spreads a certain pleasant clean smell. A kitchen equipped with solid wood furniture will be remarkably fresh and will be a space where it will be more pleasant to prepare good food for your family. This material also has a quality of acoustic insulation because it has this particularity of absorbing sounds and creating a soothing atmosphere, surely because it reminds the calm in the countryside, in a setting surrounded by trees. Moreover, this material does not attract too much dust and dirt.

The benefits in terms of investment

Buying solid wood furniture is not only a choice of originality and modernity. It is also a long-term and economical investment, even if it doesn't look like it. All the qualities mentioned above show that pieces made of this material have a long life. It will be a long time before you have to buy another sideboard, or even never have to replace it. It's not surprising that this type of furniture is passed down through the family from generation to generation, as its condition can remain intact, with a few defects, after years of use. Of course, regular maintenance and care are required to keep the piece in good condition. For these reasons, wood furniture can be quite expensive. In fact, even in antique stores, solid rosewood furniture still sells at high prices. However, if you take into account the value for money, you can be sure to get a good deal. You won't even have to regret it since your furniture will last for decades. In conclusion, buying a solid wood sideboard will be an investment that will benefit you both aesthetically and financially.

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