How to paint the walls, step by step?

Your house needs some reforms, but your budget does not allow for major changes. You decide to paint the walls to solve the problem and give it a new look. However, your financial reserves do not allow you to hire a professional painter. So you decide to venture out and take on the challenge of painting the walls of your home. But how to do it effectively? Check out some tips to help you paint the walls of your home without worrying.

1 - Clean the wall

The first step is to clean the wall. The cleaning step allows the wall to receive the paint properly when you go to paint the wall. To do this, use a damp sponge in a solution of water and liquid detergent. Scrub the wall with the sponge to remove the dirt.

2 - Delineate the area that will receive the ink

Use crepe tape to protect the parts of the wall or areas that will not receive ink. This means protecting baseboards, plaster frames or door trims. Tape the outside of these wall parts or areas. Make sure the end of the tape is taped exactly where the wall and the protected area meet.

3 - Apply the primer

Primer is a special paint that prepares the surface of the wall to be painted to receive the paint. The product allows a better adhesion of the paint to the surface. It increases the durability of the paint and provides additional protection to the painted wall. To apply it, pour it into a container, dip the paint roller into the primer. Slide the roller back and forth to remove excess and prevent dripping. Make sure the roller is completely covered with a coat of primer. Then apply it to a section of wall by moving the roller up and down. Do this until the entire section of wall is covered with a coat of product. Continue until the entire wall is primed, reapplying product as necessary. Tip: Follow the manufacturer's instructions, which are printed on the product box, for drying time.

4 - Paint the edges

Start by applying paint to the edges and areas protected by crepe tape. Dip a small brush into the paint until it covers about a third of the bristles. Always apply the paint in the direction from the tape to the wall, covering about 7 cm of painted wall. Continue until the surface near the protected parts of the wall or areas are painted.

5 - The "w" shaped painting begins

Pour the paint into a container, dip the paint roller into the paint and remove the excess paint. Drag the paint roller across the wall in a "w" shape, without pushing the roller away from the surface. Repeat the procedure, doing the reverse, backwards and forwards, covering the spaces still without paint. Do this until a portion of the wall is completely covered. Continue until the wall is covered with paint and re-dip the roller in paint whenever necessary.

6 - Remove the tape without waiting for the paint to dry

Remove taped ribbons while the ink is still fresh, to avoid removing ink that is already dry. Do not wait until the ink is completely dry. Remember to always protect yourself and surrounding objects and surfaces from paint that may drip or fall off. Another suggestion is to be very careful when using the stairs. But, also when you climb on objects to be able to paint on higher parts of the wall. Every care is essential to get the desired result without having problems.

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