How to prevent and clean dirt on carpets?

Carpet is a floor covering that has its advantages and disadvantages. Elegant, it gives the environment in which it is placed a unique look, but at the same time it can be a bit problematic from the point of view of maintenance: over time, it can be subject to stains and the absorption of dust and dirt. How to prevent dirt and how to clean the carpet in a natural and effective way? Are there specific products available?

Carpet and types of stains.

Carpet has always been considered a valuable element, which can be positioned for flooring in specific environments, both domestic and inside public premises or offices. This has a great advantage because carpet can give an elegant and classy look to any environment in which it is placed. However, carpet can also be prone to certain problems, such as the fact that it naturally holds dust and dirt more easily than any other type of flooring, and is also more easily prone to staining. But what types of stains can make a carpet dirty and aesthetically unappealing, causing it to lose its recognized beauty? This depends largely on the environment in which the carpet has been placed. If it's inside a home, the stains may be primarily of one type, whereas if the carpet is inside an office or doctor's office, or even a public place, the most common stains may also be the most difficult to remove: think, for example, of things like mud and dirt that we wear under our shoes that can soil an office carpet. In the home, on the other hand, this type of stain is less common because we tend to be more careful about stepping directly on the padding with our shoes, but it's possible for the carpet to get dirty anyway, perhaps from a cup of coffee that accidentally falls out while we're sipping the drink on the couch, or from ink stains, or from our pet's urine stains that mark the territory. In addition to these stains, many other types can be the stains of a carpet: we also think of lipstick, oil, beer or other drinks, such as milk or juice. It goes without saying that, whenever possible, it is good to prevent and therefore always try to avoid walking with shoes on the carpet. But it is also good to know that each type of stain can be cleaned properly, using a series of tricks, both natural remedies and more professional methods, such as specific detergents.

Carpet cleaning: what to look out for

The use of carpet is considered by many people as old-fashioned and outdated, but for many others, carpet is rather considered as a symbol of beauty and elegance. However, in order to keep intact that expression of beauty and style that only a carpet can give to an environment, one should never forget the importance of always keeping the floor clean and free of dust or other residues. When you have a carpet in the house, you must pay maximum attention to two things: the first is prevention, and by this we indicate the need to always clean the carpet, and prevent the appearance of possible stains that are often caused by inattention; the second is to treat the carpet according to the type of stain, but always with natural or specific products, but never aggressive. A good way to prevent dirt and dust is to vacuum with some energy, at least twice a week: this way you can avoid the formation of stubborn dust, which could slip through the wefts of the carpet and make its removal more difficult.

How to clean the carpet: natural remedies

As we said, the carpet can be cleaned either with natural methods and remedies - the classic grandmother remedies - or with more specific techniques and products. But let's look at how to clean carpet with natural remedies. The first is the one we talked about earlier, which consists of the basis of the correct cleaning of a carpet: it should always be "dusted" with a vacuum cleaner, which should be passed two or three times a week, even with some energy to remove the more stubborn and difficult traces of dust. After this necessary step, you can proceed to the hygienization and washing of the carpet. Using natural remedies, the carpet can be washed dry, or with water: in the first case, a good remedy is to use baking soda, which will be sprayed on the carpet for a few hours, and then remove it - along with the impurities that will have been retained in it - with a vacuum cleaner. Normal washing involves the use of warm water and ammonia or alcohol, in the proportions of one liter of water and one tablespoon of ammonia soup: it is then necessary to proceed with the washing, by means of a wet cloth, until the desired result is achieved. It should be remembered that these methods not only sanitize and perfume the carpet, but also brighten its colors, often dull due to dust or dirt. Regarding the removal of stains, it is advisable to use water and vinegar to remove coffee stains; natural water and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts to remove wine stains; carbonated water to remove beer stains.

The best products to clean the carpet

The solution of natural remedies can not always be enough to remove stains from the carpet fabric. This happens both because some stains may be more difficult to remove than others, and because some stains may be "old", that is, embedded between the wefts of the carpet, and in this case the natural remedy alone is not enough to restore the carpet to its former glory. This means that for the most stubborn stains, it is good to seek the help of specific products, which do not have to be aggressive, but are well suited to the removal of the most difficult dirt.

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