How to set the selling price of your property ?

Determining the right price of a property before a transaction is essential, not only to find a buyer quickly, but also to have an idea of the benefits to be gained. If it is possible to fix the value of the property oneself by basing oneself on many criteria, the use of other methods is advised to obtain a reliable estimate and in conformity with the current market.

Estimating the right price of a property online

The estimation of the value of a property is determined according to different criteria: living space and local market or geographical location and quality of the property. Usually, owners are unaware of these factors and base their real estate estimate on the emotional value that the property represents, but this can lead to overvaluation. To avoid this situation, it is best to have a professional real estate appraiser set the price. However, the rates of the latter can be more or less high, which is why many individuals nowadays opt for an online simulation to determine the value of a property. Indeed, you will find on the web a multitude of dedicated platforms that offer a free estimate of the price of a property to be sold. All you have to do is go to one of these specialized sites, describe the property and the site will take care of the rest (evaluation of the characteristics, comparison of prices on the market, etc.). You will be able to obtain a first reliable and free estimate within a short period of time.

Estimate the value of your property through a professional

If the use of an online simulator offers practical advantages for obtaining a first free evaluation, this option can however prove to be less reliable. Indeed, the selling price is determined by the platform without a visit of the property in question, which can distort the estimate. To answer the question "How much is my house worth? It is better to ask a professional. Only an expert will be able to determine the real value of your property in an impartial and professional manner. To this end, there are three service providers to contact at your convenience: the real estate broker, the real estate agency or agent and the notary. A real estate broker will be able to objectively evaluate the price of a property since, in addition to carefully analyzing the qualities and imperfections of the property, he or she will also carry out a comparative study of the market before proposing the estimate. A real estate agent or agency can also ensure a reliable evaluation of the right price, but make sure that the intervention rate suits you. Indeed, if some agents offer a free service to satisfy you as much as possible, other agencies inflate their invoice in the hope of obtaining a mandate. Therefore, think about asking the opinion of different professionals and compare the proposed services before committing yourself. Finally, you can also call on a notary to sell a property at the market price. Providing this service on a regular basis, he will be able to answer your request for an expertise in all transparency. In all three cases, do not hesitate to compare the different results obtained in order not to be mistaken.

Estimate the price of your property yourself

Even if you use online tools or professionals to carry out the real estate estimate, it is nevertheless advisable to know a minimum of information on the procedure to carry out the transaction and the evaluation. You should know that different elements can influence the price of a house for sale. The geographical location is certainly one of the determining factors. Some areas are indeed more expensive than others, especially if they are close to the city center, public transportation or dynamic areas. A home with a sea view, for example, will also cost more than a house in a subdivision. In addition to location, the price of a property is also determined by many criteria:
  • The living area and the number of rooms
  • The age and quality of the building: general condition of the premises and the structure, insulation and energy saving, equipment installed...
  • The particularities of the infrastructure: balcony and terrace, garden, parking and garage...
When it comes to selling housing, the qualities greatly increase the price of the property, but conversely the defects can also make it fall considerably. Therefore, think about doing some work (renovation, repair...) before putting the property up for sale in order to optimize its value.

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