Save space by choosing small and practical storage units

Small furniture has many strong points. First of all, they are aesthetic. They bring a decorative touch to a room. Secondly, they have a small depth. Therefore, they can easily be installed in a corner. They save a lot of space.

Use vertical space to store items

When you have no more floor space for your storage furniture, opt for overhead equipment. To save a lot of space, don't hesitate to install suspended shelves below the ceiling. This will give you extra storage space. Many people choose to use this solution to store books and magazines. However, you can use it to display decorations, photo frames and albums to make the room cozy and warm. It can also be used to store items that you use on an occasional basis such as DIY tools or utensils that you don't need on a daily basis. Thanks to this small piece of furniture, your things will no longer be scattered around the house. If you live in a "studio" or "F2" apartment, the use of vertical space is essential. To keep a certain harmony between the different rooms of your home, the equipment must have more or less similar dimensions. In order to find the right small wooden storage unit for your bathroom, contact an expert in the field.

Have you considered using the space between the wall studs?

The lack of storage space has become a recurring problem in most homes today. Interior design specialists recommend that you make the most of every square inch of your apartment. For example, you can use the empty space between the wall studs to store your brooms. This way, they won't clutter up the kitchen, hallway or bathroom. To maximize space savings, you can use this technique in any room of the house: - in the bedroom: to store your jewelry and other valuables - in the kitchen: to keep your spices in a safe place - in the laundry room: to store your mops - in the bathroom: for your wellness and beauty products In order to obtain an aesthetic result, discreet and in harmony with the rest of the room, it is recommended to entrust the construction of this storage space to a professional in the field.

The shelf and the corner bedside table, two solutions to optimize storage

When you go around the different rooms in your home, you will surely find corners that are not used properly. You can install a small, inexpensive storage unit or a small, inexpensive side unit there. Corner shelves are usually equipped with an invisible fixing device. Once installed, you can put your knickknacks, books or trophies on it. This will bring a personal touch to the room. After attaching small furniture on part of the walls of your home, it is advisable to install large mirrors on the remaining spaces. Thanks to this ingenious system, the living room, hallway or bathroom will feel more spacious. Thus, you will not have that unpleasant feeling of being confined. In addition, large mirrors are aesthetic and timeless decorating objects. If you don't have a lot of space to put a bedside table next to the bed in your bedroom, you can opt for a wall-mounted model. This small piece of furniture will easily fit in a high corner.

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