Shower enclosures: which models to choose?

The shower enclosure is a furnishing solution that, especially in recent years, has strongly established itself as a valid alternative to the bath. The secret of this success lies in various factors: small size, practicality of use, attractive shapes, modern and innovative materials, etc. In short, the shower enclosure has made its way into the bathroom. And what about in tourist accommodation (hotels, guest houses, etc.)? Most of them, for their bathroom, prefer the shower cubicle to the more traditional bathtub, for reasons of space saving (the space will be smaller). The shower enclosure proposal is therefore ideal if you need to manage space in a bathroom of a few square meters. Over the years, the shower enclosure has evolved into different models, each with its own design and the use of innovative materials, including high-tech. This article offers an overview of the different proposals on the market.

Shower enclosures: the most popular models

Before we talk about the different types of shower enclosures on the market, it is worthwhile to make a clarification. It is advisable to choose the model to buy, not only, based on the beauty of the design, but also taking into account the specific needs, mainly the available space. If, in fact, your bathroom is small, then you should surely choose a corner shower enclosure and not, for example, a living room opening (with which you would have a larger footprint). Follow the different models available on the market. Angled shower box: You should choose this type of product mainly if you have a small bathroom and need to manage the square meters in the best way possible. The peculiarity of this type of shower box is that it does not have four corners (as in traditional models). In fact, there are three sides in total, one of which coincides with the wall of the room where it is mounted. By buying a shower enclosure like this, you save space and feel like you have a more airy and bright environment. For the model in question, the most common sizes are 80 x 80 cm and 90 x 90 cm. Shower box with hinged door: in this model, the entrances and exits are controlled by a hinged door, which allows you to completely isolate the shower area. Such a box is very convenient, because it allows easy maintenance. You can also clean the door from the outside, without necessarily going inside. In addition, if there is no bottom frame, the hygiene will be maximum, because no hair, hair ... will get stuck. One of the disadvantages of this model of shower enclosure is its external dimensions. One last thing: before buying a shower enclosure with a hinged door, take a good look at the dimensions of the furniture, sanitary ware and all other elements that you have already installed in your bathroom. This will help you avoid buying a product that is too big or too small. Gusseted shower enclosure: for small spaces, another valid proposal for shower enclosures is the gusseted model. With this type of enclosure, entry and exit are accomplished by opening and closing a bellows panel that extends and rewinds on itself. The advantage is that the panel does not protrude. Saloon shower enclosure: this is a model that represents a valid alternative to the more traditional shower enclosure. In this case, the hinged doors can be one or two with the presence of leaves consisting of panels with handle to open the box and hinges. It is a very special product and very beautiful to look at. The models described are among the most purchased.

Shower enclosures: materials

When you are about to choose a shower enclosure, it is always good not to bet on extremely cheap products with super discounted prices, as this could be a bad business proposition, which would then make you spend more money on replacements and/or repairs, within a few months. That said, PVC is certainly one of the most popular materials: it has a low cost and is a guarantee of quick and efficient maintenance. Other solutions are fiberglass shower enclosures, tempered glass, crystal, satin glass, etc.

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