Which bedding to sleep well?

The bed is a piece of furniture that plays an important role in our health. The moments of rest on the bed are to be privileged and respected in order not to fall sick. However, most of the time the bed is treated as a piece of furniture for its own sake. We must choose our bedding well when we buy it to guarantee a good sleep. 

The importance of sleeping well and waking up rested

According to studies, humans are sleeping less nowadays compared to the past. A recent study shows that human beings are currently suffering from a real "sleep deprivation epidemic". If in 1942, only the European and American populations slept less than 6 hours per night, in 2017, this figure has increased exponentially, reaching the spectacular figure of 50%: one in two people. Sleep is fundamental to human life: sleep is one of the activities we have in common with most animal species, and no matter how active or lazy we are, it is inevitable that at some point in the day our bodies need rest. Man spends a third of his life sleeping, obeying the need to regain energy and stay healthy. Sleeping well is fundamental for our psychophysical well-being: a peaceful and restful sleep allows us to recover the energy spent during the day, preparing us to face the commitments of the new day in the best possible way, and this significantly affects our mood. During our sleep, vital functions for our survival are carried out. If this often succeeds, in other cases, something goes wrong and we cannot sleep well: we suffer from apnea, we have an anxiety attack or we wake up with a numb body. Sleep disorders can be multiple and their causes must be investigated by careful medical tests. One of the causes is not knowing how to choose the right bedding. 

Some tips to avoid exhaustion

However, even those who do not suffer from any particular disease can wake up feeling exhausted and tired due to incorrect positions taken during the night. This can happen when the support of our sleep is not adequate: the quality of the bed bases and mattresses has a significant influence on the quality of sleep, because the level of comfort perceived by the lying body depends on it. This is why it is essential to rely on companies that can provide targeted advice and assistance, from which we can request a customizable and functional product according to our individual needs, this allows us to choose bedding well. If some suppliers stand out for the high quality of its handcrafted production and for the efficiency of the sales experience of bed bases and mattresses, others offer a guarantee of quality and reliability for the well-being of its customers through a wide catalog of customizable products including beds, mattresses, bed bases and many other accessories for the bedroom.

Nets and mattresses for the well-being of the spine

Among the wooden slatted models, with the exception of the orthopedic nets specifically designed to ensure correct posture, the nets with stiffness regulators allow you to customize the resting experience at will, differentiating the support according to the positions. In addition, the special technology of the ball system, with its exclusive patented ball system, guarantees correct posture of the spine facilitating muscle relaxation. A good bed base must of course be accompanied by a high quality mattress in order to fully fulfill its beneficial function on the human body. Anatomical mattresses, whether latex, memory foam or pocket springs, are all made to perfectly support the body, adapting to the shape and weight of each person, regardless of the position you adopt while sleeping. Each technology is the result of research and development of innovative materials, which allow the bed to achieve high technical performance, both in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Wrought iron beds, forged and painted by hand, give your bedroom a romantic, precious and refined look. They are presented in a classic yet modern style. The craftsmanship that goes into each creation allows us to meet the specific needs of each client. So when we sleep, we don't just sleep. The mechanisms that regulate sleep are complex and yet to be discovered, yet, you know, "he who starts well is halfway there". So let's start by taking care of ourselves: choosing quality bedding and furnishing accessories, ideal to ensure the well-being we have always sought.

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