Beautify your home with beautiful hanging lamps

What would a home be without mood lighting... Imagine walking into a dark house, the big lamp in the kitchen is on, your whole house is in the spotlight. In the cinema, and in most homes, it is often a little different. Just a little more atmospheric, warmer and even more romantic. Because secretly, it's those mood lights that give your home that little bit more comfort. Now, sure, you can have your whole house full of beautiful table lamps, but the pendant light is often overlooked. It's an incredible sin, of course, because that old granny cloth lamp sitting in the living room is really a departure from the rest of the interior. But what kind of homemade hanging lamp do you prefer?

The industrial pendant lamp

In a concrete-dominated industrial design of your home, the appropriate lamp is of course the right one. Fortunately, there really are a lot of great industrial pendant lamps out there! For example, beautiful concrete-looking pendant lamps over the dining table complete the space! 

The rural pendant light

It may sound a little crazy, "rural-industrial", but the end result may surprise you. That's because these lamps work just as well in rural home interiors as they do in industrial ones. They offer a beautiful demolition in the overall design, without falling outside.

The modern pendant lamp

With any modern interior, there is of course a modern lamp. Whether you opt for a lamp with a sleek design, or maybe just something artistic like a wire pendant lamp, as long as it doesn't have granny fabric, it fits your interior! You find the classic pendant in old farmhouses with their wooden furniture, open halls and large windows were full of these lamps. Fortunately, nowadays you don't have to live in a farmhouse to get rid of these lamps. They are very easy to combine over wooden furniture, in a rural setting or even in homes with a very clean design. It may remind you of a nice retro look!

The romantic hanging lamp

This kind of lamp is mostly used in movies. The sensual moments of a couple at the dinner table, sticky hands holding lustfully as they gaze into each other's eyes under the warm light of this romantic pendant lamp. Of course, you don't have to be in a movie scenario every day, this romantic pendant lamp is also very beautiful.

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