Decorating the bedroom, opt for upholstered headboards

Upholstered headboards are the current trend in bedroom decor. They are the perfect complement to the box-beds, which are always in fashion. Since this type of bed comes without a headboard, it is another opportunity to give free rein to creativity. The headboards, besides being design, are also made to be comfortable in the sitting position (reading, TV). And nothing better for that than an upholstered headboard, which in addition to being super comfortable to lean on, still decorates the room with a lot of style and sophistication.

Headboard functions

Headboards are important not only to lean on comfortably, but also to hold the pillow while we sleep and prevent us from banging our heads against the wall. In addition, upholstered headboards can be beautiful, stylish, and be the highlights of the bedroom decoration. They can make pretty compositions with the wall color or wallpaper, curtains, bedspreads, comforters and pillows.

How to choose your upholstered headboard?

There are many materials and shapes to choose from so you can select the right upholstered headboard for the room you want to decorate. You can order a custom upholstered headboard. The advantage in this case is that you choose everything: the size, the fabric and the type of upholstery, whether it is upholstered, smooth, with storage (practical), framed, with cutouts or seams of different sizes. The downside is definitely the price, as a custom project usually means higher prices. But you can also buy models that already exist on the market, in stores or online, within the limits of available stock. There are models for every size of bed. But you need to confirm the measurements to avoid buying the wrong products. To decide on the size of the piece(s) you plan to buy, you should observe the room where the headboard will be installed. In addition to a headboard, you can buy bedding, mattresses with covers, a box spring, or other products for bed decoration or related to the room.

As for the size of your room:

If the room is narrow, the headboard should occupy the entire length of the wall where it will be installed. But in order not to leave this environment with the appearance of being even narrower, choose a headboard with a maximum height of 30 cm above the bed. The tone of the headboard should be as close as possible to the wall to give a sense of continuity and space. If the room is too big, a high headboard, much wider than the bed, will fill the room. The color gives you all the freedom to choose. Opt for taupe, beige, brown, red, white, black or a dark color, the choice is yours. The key is to choose quality products that match the theme of your interior design. If the room is of average size, you can have enough freedom to choose the dimensions of the upholstered headboard. The most comfortable ones end at about 60 cm above the bed, but can also be higher or lower. It can be a little wider than the bed or it can take up the entire wall. The color you choose should match the rest of the bedroom decor. Tip: Pay attention to the footboard. If you buy a headboard that starts at the bottom, don't forget to count the height of the footboard. Calculate the height of the headboard in relation to the baseboard, and when installing, leave the headboard on top of the baseboard. This will prevent it from getting wet and absorbing moisture from the floor, especially if you usually wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Implication of your choices

If the headboard you choose is a large width or height, take advantage of it to add storage. There is never enough storage in a room or in a house.  For custom orders, it is imperative to choose a style that matches your decor. A little advice, choose stores that offer free delivery. If you have a limited budget, home staging is an alternative solution to buying. To do so, simply upholster the existing headboard. If your bedroom doesn't have one. Simply make one with a wooden panel. The rest is to upholster it. The choice of material: velvet fabric, imitation leather, and color: red, white, beige, brown or other depends on the rendering you want and the decor. Doing it yourself means choosing the design of the headboard. The advantage of home staging is that you only have to invest a limited amount of money, but the result is just as spectacular. For those who are do-it-yourselfers, it is the ideal solution for the renovation of the bedroom, or the entire house.

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