Everything you need to know about the wooden shower enclosure

Are wooden shower enclosures an alternative to the classic shower enclosure? Does wood guarantee good performance or is it a vector for mold? In the following article, we present some tips for those who want to save money without neglecting quality.

The characteristics of a wooden shower enclosure

In fact, there is no such thing as a wooden shower enclosure. Or, at least, there is no such thing as an all-wood shower enclosure. This material is used to the maximum extent possible to make the shower tray. This is not an aesthetic affectation, but a specific choice, which is not unimportant from the point of view of price, but has consequences from the functional point of view. Wooden shower enclosures, or rather, with wooden trays, are a variant that is still not very common, but capable of improving the experience of using this shower, and not at all dangerous in terms of health.

Wooden shower enclosures: pros and cons

The most important and significant advantage of wooden shower enclosures with wooden tray is their safety guarantee. Conventional shower trays are inherently smooth, so they could cause falls, at least potentially. Wood, on the other hand, is a non-slip material by definition, so it does not present this risk. In addition, wood is more hygienic than metal, PVC, ceramic and any other material from which a shower tray can be made. This characteristic is not at all taken for granted, on the contrary, the collective imagination of wood as a material that promotes the appearance of mold and fungi. At least as far as shower enclosures are concerned, it is not like that at all. If it belongs to specific types, properly treated and sufficiently maintained, wood is 100% hygienic. The only shortcoming of wooden shower enclosures is the price. In fact, it is not very high, but it is still on average higher than traditional pits.

Wooden shower enclosure: which one to choose?

There are two types of wooden shower enclosures: with fixed shower tray and with step. The main feature of the latter is its ability to be removed. It can be easily removed, revealing a classic shower tray. In contrast, fixed shower trays are not removable and replace the tray completely and permanently. The most important thing is the choice of material, that is, the type of wood. In general, teak is preferred, which is distinguished by its aesthetics, strength and resistance to water and chemicals. However, like wood, it still needs a waterproofing treatment.

Installation of a wooden shower enclosure: who to turn to?

The shower enclosure with wooden tray is a sui generis variant of the traditional shower enclosure. Also because, at the moment, the prejudices around the wooden instrument are very strong, for example, susceptibility to mold. That is why the sale and installation of this type of box is the prerogative of a few companies. So, before you find the right figure for you, be prepared to do a little work. Only to companies that specialize in the installation of special shower enclosures, able to be comfortable even with small variations anyway and with this interesting tool that is wood.

Wooden shower box: what prices?

Prices, as you have seen, are very variable. From this point of view, there is no major difference with traditional shower enclosures. In this case, too, there are factors such as the material, that is, the type of wood, the presence of any accessories and the margin of description that manufacturers and installers reserve for themselves. However, it is rare to spend more than 4,500 euros, all inclusive purchase and installation.

Wooden shower enclosure: how to save money?

Of course, you can also save money when you intend to buy and install a wooden shower enclosure. However, this should be treated with caution, given the risk of sacrificing quality for savings. There needs to be some balance between the two. Here's what to do. The minimum number of citations to consider is four. Where can you find them without spending a fortune on phone calls? Obviously, in the preventive comparison portals.

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