What type of bathtub to choose for your bathroom?

Choosing the right bathtub among the different models offered by manufacturers is not easy. Many factors have to be taken into account: size of the bathroom, budget, use. You also have to consider the materials, the volume of the bathtub, etc. Each parameter must be carefully analyzed to give your bathroom the best balance and style that best reflects your taste and personality. So how do you choose the right model? Read on, we will give you food for thought for a well thought out choice!

A bathtub or not? That's the first problem!

Designing a bathroom takes more effort than you might think. That's why it's always a good idea to rely on professionals who know how to advise the client in his choice not only according to his aesthetic tastes, but also to his needs. The first element of choice is the use you intend to make of your bathroom. You are used to the shower and you prefer it both for the time saving it offers and for its reduced water consumption? In this case, the answer is obvious. You can opt for a shower with an elegant and chic style. The second element necessary to choose the right bathtub is the available floor space. If the bathroom has limited dimensions, as is the case in many city apartments, where every square meter saved is a square meter gained, it is certainly better to opt for a walk-in shower, in order to have both style and practicality. If, on the other hand, you have enough space, you can start choosing the right model from the many solutions available on the market: built-in, masonry or freestanding bathtubs.

Built-in or freestanding bathtub: the choice of style

The size of the bathroom will certainly influence the choice. If the space is sufficient, but not very spacious, it is better to opt for a freestanding bathtub, which is now the most common solution in bathrooms equipped with a bathtub. Do you have a large bathroom? In that case, the range of choices becomes wider. You can choose a built-in bathtub in a corner, ideal if you want maximum comfort, possibly combined with a hydromassage. Or you can opt for a freestanding bathtub, which gives your bathroom unparalleled charm and elegance. All styles are allowed: from retro, to the most minimalist and contemporary design. The materials used to build the bathtub are numerous and varied: from acrylic, adaptable to any space and very versatile, to steel, durable and solid, to wood, exotic and evocative. The freestanding bathtub thus becomes, in addition to a useful piece of equipment, a real furnishing element: placed in front of the entrance door, and towards the center of the room, it will give a wow effect to your bathroom.

How to choose your faucets

There are many possibilities. Once you've made your choice, remember to match the faucets to the bathtub you've chosen, in order to give your bathroom a homogeneous style. The market offers many solutions, both for the concealed bathtub, with elegant wall-mounted fittings, and for the freestanding bathtub.

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